Solar Panel Energy Produced at Jubilee Farm in 2017

Starting in November of 2016 Jubilee Farm has been documenting the solar panel system production information. In 2017, its first full year of operation, the solar panels produced 8.24 MWh of energy, saved 13,955 kg of CO2 emissions, lighted the equivalent of 27,369 light bulbs for a day, and equaled 352 planted trees.

In 2017 the largest recording was in June with 972 kWh and the lowest was January with 289 kWh.  Over the year there was an average of 630 kWh and the yearly megawatt hours totaled 8.24 MWh, or 8,2400 kWh.

Environmental Benefits

The 13,955 kg of saved CO2 emissions nearly removes one Illinoisan’s yearly CO2 emissions.  An Illinoisan produces around 16.5 tons or 16,500 kg CO2 emissions a year. The CO2 emissions produced by human activities such as coal, natural gas, and oil production are the largest contributors to carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere causing a greenhouse effect.  The reduction in CO2 emissions helps with changes in the land like damage to all forms of plant life from the smallest blade of grass to the largest forest. People in Illinois, per person, produce a lot of CO2 emissions. It goes without saying that the United States as a whole still has a long, long way to go to reduce the damage it is causing the environment, but many of steps have been made since 2008 to reduce CO2  in green house gases.

In one October day the Jubilee Farm solar panel system produced enough energy to light a small room with CFL or LED lights for a year. In a one day snapshot the most sun was captured at 12: 45 p.m. producing 4.5 kWh of energy; the system produced 33 kWh for the whole day of October 16, 2017.  If we look at the whole week of October 10-16 the system produced 111 kWh of energy.  To illustrate what that looks like an old 60W light bulb gets about 44 kWh of use per year and newer bulbs use less than 10 kWh a year.

Holiday Craft Sale in the new Creative Arts Center

Join us for the Holiday Craft Sale in the new Creative Arts Center at Jubilee Farm, 6760 Old Jacksonville Road. The sale is Saturday, December 2, 2017 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 787-6927 for directions and questions.

Well we be selling HANDCRAFTED:
~ pottery for gifts & decorations
~ weaving
~ wood items
~ beaded work
~ needle work, 
~ bakery goods

Fun ~ Practical ~ Unique and Delicious!

Video: Moments from Weaving Your Story, An Integrative Retreat Experience directed by Sister Anita Cleary, OP

July 16- 22 a small group of Sisters participated in a contemplative retreat. The retreatants integrated elements of the Universe Story with their Dominican stories and the personal experiences they brought to the retreat.

Sister Anita guided the Sacred Heart Convent retreatants in the basics of creating a simple woven cloth—weaving the threads of life experiences into a tapestry that celebrates and gives thanks for each retreatant’s story. They learned from demonstrations and found a peaceful place to practice the techniques. At the end of the week they were able to connect with themselves on a deeper level. Communal prayer and contemplative time made the experience especially fulfilling and gratifying; they wove themselves into God’s tapestry.