Labyrinth Story

The Perfect Moment

Jean Ferratier
10/4/03 2:20 p.m.
An Excerpt of a Journal Entry

I have competed my walk; this time only to the center and out. I marveled at how the labyrinth has changed. Each week is so different. I guess I started putting names to my walks in the labyrinth during the last few months. First there was the week of the butterflies flying from flower to flower. Next came the week of the grass hoppers and crickets. They were so loud and hopped in front of my every footfall. Next came the week of the spider webs. There were so many I couldn’t get far into the labyrinth so I sat by the pond instead. Later that week I returned with a plastic rod to help push the webs away so I could make my way through. Next came the week of the wooly worms. There were so many, I had to watch where I walked so I would not step on them. This is the week of the bees. On almost every bunch of wild flowers, the bees are collecting nectar. They almost make me think of squirrels collecting nuts for the winter. I think the bees are instinctively hastening to take nectar back to the hive. They are so hard at work. There are so many of them, but I don’t think they will sting me. Funny how I walked among numerous bees and I felt like we each had our place in the labyrinth and we would respect each other’s space; unlike when I see bees on the playground or near a picnic area.

Now, as I sit here and gaze around, I marvel that at least in this moment I am in harmony with nature and there is no place I would rather be. I see trees across the fields. I am on a lone bench feeling the wind softly blow my hair. Yellow butterflies and an occasional monarch flit from clover to clover. The farm’s lamas meander across the far off meadow. I hear a few crickets chirp and there are various bird songs.

I reflect that when I entered the labyrinth I thought this is not a time to worry. This is a time to be. This is time to recognize a perfect day. At moments, there is no past or future. Time is so precious and it is truly a blessing to have my 5 senses working in unison. I’m thankful I’m taking time to enjoy these moments without distractions from outside intrusions. The other “stuff” will wait-this time will not come again. As I walked through the labyrinth, I thought how during this walk I could lay aside all responsibilities temporarily.

It is getting late and soon I will have to leave. I don’t want to leave what has become a safe, sacred, and holy place to me. As I sit here I realize I did not rush off this time. As I look around it is hard to put works to describe what I Know or how I feel. Then I realize I don’t have any thoughts or feelings. I just look above and declare to the Heavens, “This is me in the perfect  moment.”

Jean Ferratier
Present-Moment, Heart Centered Life Coach