Labyrinth Story

Walking the Labyrinth at Jubilee Farm

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol that can be traced back 3500 years. It is found in many locations, including Peru, Iceland, Crete, Egypt, India, France and Arizona.

In the summer of 2002, an eleven circuit labyrinth was marked and mowed in the pasture just east of the orchard. The winding circular path measures 116 feet in diameter. A common entrance and exit takes one to the center and back out for a walk just under a mile. The paths are three feet wide with berms of grass and flowers. Our labyrinth can be found on the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator at

We invite you to walk our labyrinth and participate in this ancient ritual. There is a bench near the entrance where you are invited to sit and reflect before or after your labyrinth experience. 

Here are a few suggestions for walking the labyrinth:

  • Repeat a short mantra. Let a rhythm develop that connects your words to your walking and breathing.
  • Take the problem in with you, leave it with God in the center of the labyrinth, and thank God on the way out.
  • Pray for a particular friend or relative who needs some light on his/her journey.
  • Journal before, at the center, and at the end of your walk.
  • Be attentive to the land and its gifts. Be thankful.
  • Spend some quiet time afterward resting on the bench overlooking Earthsong pond.