Restoration Plan

Re-seeding wildflowers and grasses.

What is a Restoration Plan?

Ecological Restoration consists of removing invasive species, assisting the regeneration or reintroduction of native species and continued management of the land to keep invasive species from returning.

Removing invasive species.

What is Jubilee Farm’s Plan?

While keeping herbicide use to a bare minimum, our focus has been to free the pasture and wooded areas from choking undergrowth, primarily through the use of volunteer labor, cultural control of invasive species, and controlled burns.

Controlled burns.

What are the specific areas of focus?

Pastures – assisting the return of these areas to assemblages of native wildflowers and grasses by seeding them with extant native plants and managing non-native species.

Woodlands – removing invasive species, assisting native species regeneration,
and protecting new growth.

Wetlands – dredging small wetland areas, protecting bank erosion, preventing silting in of wetland from neighborhood to the west.

What would help us accomplish our tasks?

o Volunteer helpers
o Monetary donations for equipment
o Monetary donations for native plants and seeds
o Donations of gently used outdoor equipment