The 2022 Seedling Sale is Here!

You are invited to come to Jubilee Farm and shop our seedlings grown from organic seeds and no chemicals.  The sale begins Monday, April 18 and continues to July or until all are sold.

    • Sale begins: Monday, April 18, 2022 
    • Hours: 9 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Monday – Saturday
    • Questions?  Call us at 217-787-6927

FLOWERS $4.50/each 

    • Amish Cockscomb – 12” tall (annual)
    • Radio Calendula – 18-24” tall (self-seeding) edible petals
    • Diablo Cosmos – needs very little water (annual)
    • Red Marietta Marigold – 2” orange-and-red blooms (annual) 12-18” tall
    • Empress of India Nasturtium – 12-14” tall, flowers can be eaten
    • Milkmaid Nasturtium – plants climb 6 feet or more with proper support.
    • Heritage Farm Poppy – ruffled pink flower heads reach 4” across (all plant parts except the seeds are toxic)
    • Electron Blend Sweet William – pollinator attracting plant, (18-24” tall) readily reseeds (will bloom the second year after planting)
    • Benary’s Giant Zinnia – double blooms, 3-4’ tall (annual)
    • Whirlygig Mix Zinnia – pollinator attracting flower (annual)
    • Butterflyweed – 2-3’ tall, pollinator attracting flower (perennial)
      • Note: will not be ready until middle of May 
    • Munstead Lavender – (perennial)
      • Note: will not be ready until middle of May
    • Cardinal Climber Vine – (hardy annual) attracts Hummingbirds, needs support
    • Dwarf Jewel Mixed Colors Nasturtium – 10-15” height (annual) Edible flowers
    • Dwarf Incredible Sunflowers – 2’ height, seeds can be dried and eaten
    • Crackerjack Marigolds – 3’ height (annual) good pollinator plant
    • Dwarf Bolero Marigolds – 6-10” (annual)

Sister Suzanne Donner, OP is ready for the seedling sale. New herb and flower seedlings are ready now. The vegetable seedlings will be ready in May.

HERBS: $4.00/each 

    • Genovese Basil – 18 to 24” height (annual)
    • Dark Opal Basil – (annual)\
    • Lime Basil – 20” height (annual)
    • Lemon Basil – (annual)
    • Thai Basil – (annual)
      • Note: Please do not plant Basil until middle of May.
    • Garlic Chives – (perennial)
    • Cilantro – 1-2’ (annual)
    • Bouquet Dill – (annual)
    • Green Culinary Sage – (perennial)
    • Rosemary – (annual) can be brought indoors for winter
    • Sweet Marjoram – 12-24” height (perennial)
    • Common Thyme – 6-12” height (perennial)
    • Greek Oregano – (perennial)

VEGETABLES: $4.50/each

Note: will not be ready until middle of May 

    • Early Fortune Cucumbers – 8” long
    • Tolli’s Sweet Italian Peppers – 5” long (not hot)
    • Napoleon Sweet Peppers – 8” elongated (good for stuffing)
    • Blondkopfchen yellow cherry tomatoes – 1” round (mild sweet taste)
    • Isis Candy Red cherry tomatoes – 1-1/2” round (rich, sweet, fruity flavor)
    • Italian Heirloom Tomatoes – weight over a pound each (great for sauces or slicing)
    • Dester Tomatoes – a pink beefsteak weighing a pound each (two-time winner tomato)

The 2021 Seedling Sale is Now Outdoors!


Come and see our healthy tomato seedlings along with our cucumbers, herbs and flowers.

Our Cherokee Purple tomatoes and German Pink tomatoes come from heirloom seeds.

Hours to come and shop:  Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.  You can also order by phone during these hours and pick up the next day.

We sell our seedlings at the low price of $4.00 each so that more people might enjoy them.  Donations are always welcome.   

Please note: We are unable to accept credit cards. We accept checks and cash but cannot give change. Make checks payable to Jubilee Farm.

Jubilee Farm will be closed Thursday, June 17 – Saturday, 19, 2021. 


Download the Order Form 


Please call 217-787-6927 to make an order using the order form.

Thank you for your support of Jubilee Farm. We look forward to your call!

Shop Outside

Phone in orders are taken Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. and pick-up is the next day during the same hours.  New:  In person shopping is also available during these hours, Monday – Friday.

Please enter through our main entrance off of Old Jacksonville Road. Pick up orders and payment jar will be found on a table just past the shed.  Plants for sale are located in the same area.  When your purchase is completed proceed to New Salem Church Road.

Thank you for your support of Jubilee Farm!


Butterflyweed: 2-3’ tall; Sun/partial shade (orange, perennial)
Radio Calendura: 18-24” tall; Sun/partial shade, hardy annual; self seeding (orange)
Cardinal Climber Vine: 10-15′ tall; Sun/partial shade; requires trellis or fence; half hardy annual (scarlet)  
Coxcomb Giant: 2′ tall; Full sun; annual (vibrant red)
Sea Shell Cosmos: Large blooms- 4-5′ tall; Sun/partial sun; needs stakes of fence, half-hardy annual
Johnny Jump Up (purple, yellow, blue) 5-6″ tall; Self-seeding biennial; edible 
Munstead lavender: 18-24”; Full sun, well drained soil; Likes 6-8 hours of sun; shelter near building with full sun; perennial 
Marietta Marigold: 12-18”; Sun (orange and red) annual Sold Out.
Starfire Signet Marigold: 12″; annual; heirloom
Empress of India Nasturtium: 12-14”; Full Sun (crimson) hardy annual; edible  
Tip Top Nasturtium Orchard Flame: 8-10”; full sun (Apricot, gold, scarlet mixture) annual; edible   
Tetra Mix Snapdragons: 18-24″ annual; semi dwarf    
Aztech Sunflowers: 3-4′; annual
Giant Zinnias: 2-2.5′ color mixture ; full sun; annual Sold Out.
Jazzy Zinnias 18-24” yellow, cream, chestnut, red; full sun; semi-double blossoms; annual Sold Out.
Whirlygig Mix Zinnia: 3-4”; full sun (mixture of color/bi-color pattern blossoms) annual Sold Out.


Dark Opal Basil
Genovese Leaf Basil (Sweet)
Lemon Drop Basil
Thai Basil
Garlic Chives
Chocolate Peppermint 
Greek Oregano
Giant Italian Parsley
Culinary Sage (propagated)
Rosemary (propagated from plants)  
Common Thyme
Lemon Thyme  


Early Fortune Cucumbers  (trellis)  
A+C Pickling Cucumbers  (trellis)  
King of the North Peppers (Sweet) Sold Out.
Marconi Red Peppers (Sweet)  
Cherokee Purple Tomato (Juicy & sweet)  Heirloom  
German Pink Tomato (Beefsteak) Heirloom  
Large Red Cherry Tomato  (full flavor)  


Jubilee Farm Bird Banding Event May 15, 2021

Are you looking for an educational and exciting family friendly event?

You are invited to participate in a bird banding event at Jubilee Farm.

Saturday, May 15, 2021 (Weather permitting)

Come anytime between 8:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Tony Rothering, a licensed bird bander with Lincoln Land Association of Bird Banders (LLABB) and professor at Lincoln Land Community College will be banding birds and answering questions about the wild birds of Illinois.  

Participants will learn about the scientific process of banding and how the data is used to study bird population dynamics and the impact of habitat change on the diversity and density of bird species.

Regarding COVID 19 Guidelines:  This is an outdoor event.  As long as the group attending is small masks are not required.  Kindly practice social distancing from others.  Bring a mask just in case it is needed.  

Jubilee Farm is located 3.8 miles west of Veterans Parkway in Springfield, Illinois.
6760 Old Jacksonville Road

For further information:
By phone – 217-787-6927

No fee. Donations are always welcome!

Earth Awareness Fair 2021

Learn more about the 2021 City of Springfield Earth Awareness Fair online platform including all types of educational material, including downloadable how-to guides and videos.

Sister Sharon Zayac, OP and Sister Anita Cleary, OP share about the things to experience at Jubilee Farm and how green burial shrouds are made. The Earth Awareness Fair video was produced by the City of Springfield, Illinois Mayor’s Office.

What is Jubilee Farm? A peaceful destination, a place of integrity, a home to farm animals and wildlife, an educational resource, a demonstration of living in an ecologically responsible way, an oasis for spirituality, a special gift to those who seek solace and spiritual enrichment in nature. Sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois, Jubilee Farm is a 164 acre center for ecology and spirituality located just west of Springfield, Illinois.

Our programs and services, ministry of hospitality and gently rolling expanse of grassland provide a setting where individuals and groups can nurture their spiritual and emotional growth. Come walk the land or spend time in quiet retreat. Our walking trails, outdoor labyrinth, creek and ponds offer tranquil settings for reflection.

Jubilee Farm’s programs and classes promote an understanding of our interdependent relationship to the whole of creation and offer insights into how to live more sustainably on our home planet. Our vegetable gardens and orchard produce healthy, chemical-free foods and are complemented by our classes that teach holistic and sustainable ways of eating.

We offer tours and programs for children and adults. Handmade pottery, fiber and woodworking items are for sale at our Creative Arts Center, which also has a large meeting space for groups. We also offer spiritual direction and private or directed retreats at LaCasa, which is located close to the gardens. LaCasa accommodates small group gatherings and a reading room with a lending library of books, audiovisual materials and children’s curriculums.

Learn more about the City of Springfield Earth Awareness Fair via Facebook

The Big Read at Jubilee Farm

New Berlin, Ill.
—Listen to the sounds of creation, enjoy fresh air, and get a respite from the noise and frenetic pace of life during “Sound Scape,” at Jubilee Farm, 10:00-11:00 Saturday, April 24, 2021.

The free public event is offered by Jubilee Farm, a ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Springfield in partnership with the Academy of Lifelong Learning (ALL) at Lincoln Land Community College, host of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Big Read in Sangamon County. The NEA Big Read: Sangamon County focuses on the book Lab Girl by Hope Jahren, an American geochemist, geobiologist, and professor.

“We are delighted to be part of this community building program,” said Sister Rose Marie Riley, OP, Director of Jubilee Farm. “The NEA Big Read has an incredible listing of free and diverse programs offered by the partner organizations. Our contribution, “Sound Scape,” is an invitation to LISTEN to the sounds of creation. It provides time to step away from our busy and noise-filled lives and pay attention to Nature’s language.” The program will be led by Sister Sharon Zayac, OP.

Participants are invited to wear comfortable clothes, bring a journal, and have something to sit on. Registration is required. For further information and to register call 217-787-6927.

More information about the NEA Big Read in Sangamon County is available here.

Jubilee Farm is located at 6760 Old Jacksonville Road, 3.8 miles west of Veteran’s Parkway. Follow Jubilee Farm on Facebook at It is one of 50 local organizations partnering for the NEA Big Read in Sangamon County.

The Dominican Sisters of Springfield are part of a worldwide Dominican family, the Order of Preachers. For more than 800 years, Dominicans have preached the Gospel in word and deed. The Springfield Dominicans were established in Jacksonville, Illinois, in 1873 and relocated to Springfield in 1893. Today, thousands of Dominican sisters, nuns, priests, brothers, associates, and laity minister in more than 100 countries around the world. To learn more about the Dominican Sisters of Springfield visit