Bird Banding Results Bigger Than Expected

Canada Warbler

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Saturday, May 12 the sisters at Jubilee Farm hosted a bird banding event.  A group of volunteers of all ages joined the Lincoln Land Assoc of Bird Banders to capture and band 57 birds of 20 uniquely different species.  Tony Rothering, member of the association and biology professor at Lincoln Land Community College, said they could not have asked for better results considering the number of nest they were using.

“This was a wonderful project,” said Sister Sharon Zayac, OP, the Jubilee Farm director.  “We hope we can do another bird banding event in the fall.  We are pleased to share the gift of our land with everyone who comes.”

Check back here to learn when the next bird banding event happens at Jubilee Farm and how you can get involved.

All photos are by Wayne Huckabee.

Species (# caught)

1. Carolina Wren (1)

2. House Wren (6)

3. Eastern Bluebird (1)

4. Veery (2)

5. American Robin (2)

6. Gray Catbird (3)

7. Brown Thrasher (3)

8. American Redstart (3)

9. Ovenbird (1)

10. Northern Waterthrush (1)

11. Common Yellowthroat (7)

12. Canada Warbler (2)

13. Song Sparrow (2)

14. Lincoln’s Sparrow (4)

15. Northern Cardinal (3)

16. Rose-breasted Grosbeak (1)

17. Indigo Bunting (4)

18. Brown-headed Cowbird (4)

19. Baltimore Oriole (3)

20. American Goldfinch (4)