Buy Fresh Buy Local


More and more of us are understanding the planet-health and human-health benefits of eating organic foods.  As important as this is on many levels, it is perhaps even more important for us to purchase foods grown or raised locally.  Even if your local farmer does not use all organic methods, he or she often uses fewer chemicals and certainly far less fossil fuel to transport the produce to the local market.  Buying local has many other benefits as well.  It supports your local farmer and keeps your money in the local economy, rather than sending it off to profit large corporations in far off states or countries.

As a member of the Illinois Stewardship Alliance, Jubilee Farm has also chosen to participate in the Buy Fresh Buy Local (BFBL) program.

The distinctive logo announces that we are part of a local foods’ campaign to encourage the community to support local farmers.  This local foods effort includes everyone from individual consumers to restaurants and grocery stores. Through the BFBL campaign’s marketing materials, consumers can identify locally produced foods and area farmers can reach new local markets.

Remember to look for BFBL signage and tell your retailer or restaurant that you care where your food comes from.